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Study of monkeys shows male contraceptive compound stops sperm without affecting hormones

A new study published in the journal PLOS ONE details how a compound called EP055 binds to sperm proteins to significantly slow the overall mobility of the sperm without affecting hormones, making


Central Medical launches new Enthermics Titan range

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS) is launching the new Titan range of fluid and blanket warming cabinets in the UK. The Titan range of cabinets is produced by


Largest ever study of running habits of pregnant women shows that running in pregnancy is safe

Nearly 1,300 women were recruited from parkrun, which organises weekly five kilometre runs across the world. Women were categorised according to whether they continued to run during pregnancy or not.


NMC outlines proposed standards for new nursing associate role

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has launched its consultation seeking views on its proposed approach to the regulation of nursing associates – the new role created to bridge the


WFIP & Atlantic Therapeutics Group Ltd announce global partnership

The World Federation of Incontinence Patients (WFIP) has partnered with Atlantic Therapeutics Group Ltd, the developer of INNOVO®, a non-invasive pelvic floor strengthening system, to drive education on the taboo subject of urinary incontinence


A next-generation hormone-free contraceptive for women is being developed in Sweden

A hormone-free women’s contraceptive with no side effects is one promising use for a new technique developed by researchers in Sweden to tighten up the mucous membrane – the body’s first


Thousands of women to be offered test to identify the cause of heavy menstrual bleeding

Hysteroscopy has been recommended as a first line diagnostic test for women with heavy menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia), in updated NICE guidance. The update makes new recommendations for diagnosing and treating


Potential genetic link in sudden infant death syndrome identified

Rare genetic mutations associated with impairment of the breathing muscles are more common in children who have died from sudden infant death syndrome than in healthy controls, suggesting a possible


Study challenges previous findings that antidepressants affect breastfeeding

New research does not support the previously observed negative impacts of antidepressants on breastfeeding. In the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology ( study, use of serotonin reuptake inhibitors in late