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Umbilical cord blood metal levels in newborns

New findings from a team of Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine researchers reveal urban and rural differences in prenatal exposure to essential and toxic elements. The team’s


NMC launches new support service in response to lessons learned review

A new public support service from the nursing and midwifery regulator has been launched offering dedicated, personalised support service to members of the public who raise concerns about nurses and


5 April 2019, BSGI Annual Gynaecology and Imaging Meeting; London

Overview The 12th Annual Scientific meeting of the BSGI offer the opportunity for all specialists with an interest in gynaecological imaging related to Clinical Practice to update on academic developments


7-8 March 2019, Maternal Medicine: Medical Complications in Pregnancy; London

Overview The course is structured to address current maternal medicine issues across all medical subspecialties with specific relevance to obstetrics. It will recognise the theoretical component of the “Maternal Medicine” ATSM.


Variation in treatment for vomiting during pregnancy costs the NHS an estimated £60 million

The economic cost to the NHS of vomiting and nausea during pregnancy is over £60 million, higher than previously thought, according to new estimates by the University of Warwick. The


Mistral-Air® premium warming range now available from CMS

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE CMS has extensive knowledge and expertise in providing hospital trusts with patient warming products. The Mistral-Air premium warming range is produced by The 37° Company, a specialist in the


Babies kicking in the womb are creating a map of their bodies

The kicks a mother feels in the womb from her unborn child may allow the baby to ‘map’ their own body and enable them to eventually explore their surroundings, suggests


Enthermics Titan range now available from CMS

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE   The Titan range of fluid and blanket warming cabinets is now available from Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS). The Titan range of cabinets is produced by Enthermics,