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European mega-venture for safe medication during pregnancy

You are pregnant and in need of an important medication, but nobody knows if the medication is safe for the fetus. Should you stop taking the drug? Or close your


The archive of Professor Sir Robert Edwards, IVF pioneer, reveals his struggle for recognition of an unsung female colleague and fair access to treatment for all

The private papers of IVF pioneer, Professor Sir Robert Edwards, has opened to the public at Cambridge University’s Churchill Archives Centre, from Monday 10 June, 2019. Robert Edwards worked for over


New tool to predict epileptic seizures in pregnancy could save lives

A new risk calculator for pregnant women with epilepsy, developed by researchers from Queen Mary University of London, has been found to accurately predict the risk of seizures during pregnancy


Progesterone could increase births in women with early pregnancy bleeding and previous miscarriage

Research led by the University of Birmingham suggests that giving progesterone to pregnant women with early pregnancy bleeding and a history of miscarriage could increase their chances of having a


People fail to recognise male postnatal depression

A new study shows that people are almost twice as likely to correctly identify signs of postnatal depression in women than in men. The research, published in the Journal of Mental


Don’t overdo omega-6 fat consumption during pregnancy

In Western societies, we are eating more omega-6 fats, particularly linoleic acid, which are commonly present in foods such as potato chips and vegetable oil. Other research has shown that


In vitro fertilization linked to deadly heart disease in pregnancy

Women undergoing fertility treatment should urgently see their doctor if they have heart failure symptoms, according to a study presented recently at Heart Failure 2019, a scientific congress of the European


Keep your placenta healthy by exercising while pregnant

Over 1.9 billion adults worldwide are overweight or obese, and by 2025 this is projected to increase to 2.7 billion. Obesity significantly raises the risk of developing 11 different types


Will she deliver preterm? Using Fetal Fibronectin to help you make clinical decisions

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE   Approximately 8 per cent of babies are born before 37 weeks’ gestation in the UK. Preterm birth is a significant cause of perinatal mortality and morbidity and


Study shows harm WiFi does to human sperm

A new study shows the harm WiFi does to human sperm. Exposure to WiFi means greater risk of male infertility as more sperm die and are left immobile and ineffective.