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Ovarian cysts should be ‘watched’ rather than removed

Women may not need to undergo surgery for non-cancerous ovarian cysts, avoiding potential surgical complications. This is the finding of new research, by a team of international scientists from institutions


Central Medical Supplies offers Kanmed BabyBed with and without rails

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS) is now providing the Kanmed BabyBed either with or without the rail system that enables accessories to be attached. The Kanmed BabyBed without


Mother’s age, race, weight affect hormone concentrations in pregnancy

Hormone concentrations during early fetal development – that may affect the child’s development and increase the mother’s risk for breast and ovarian cancer years later – are significantly affected by


Administering higher doses of oxytocin does not reduce the use of caesarean sections

Delayed labour increases the risk of a caesarean section, even among women who receive oxytocin for augmentation of labour. The rate of caesarean section among first-time mothers is not reduced


Emergency caesareans put new mothers at higher risk of developing postnatal depression

A new study has revealed first-time mothers who give birth via unplanned emergency caesarean section are 15 per cent more likely to experience postnatal depression. The author of the study


19 February, 2019, Modern Midwife Meet-up; London

Welcome from event organiser midwife Marie Louise: This Modern Midwife Meet-up event is about all of us on the front line, changing families’ lives. We have such an important role


Major milestone reached as first registered nursing associates join health and care workforce

The first qualified nursing associates became the latest addition to the health and care workforce in England recently, after the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) opened its register to the


Poll reveals 50% of women felt they let their baby down when they struggled to breastfeed

Half of women aged 18-40 who breastfed their babies say they felt like they let their baby down when they struggled to breastfeed, a new poll commissioned by BBC Radio


Long periods of undisturbed sleep during pregnancy may be associated with stillbirth

Sleeping more than nine hours per night during pregnancy may be associated with late stillbirth, a new Michigan Medicine-led international study suggests. Researchers analysed online surveys involving 153 women who


Placenta adapts when mothers have poor diet or low oxygen during pregnancy

Cambridge researchers have discovered the placenta regulates how much oxygen and nutrients it transports to babies during challenging pregnancies, in a study using mice to model conditions in the womb.