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New draft guideline outlines best practice for treating recurrent miscarriage

A new medical guideline has been published for consultation by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, bringing together all the available evidence on possible risks and causes of recurrent


More than 100 charities join Baby Loss Awareness Week campaign to help people affected by pregnancy and baby loss

An alliance of more than 100 charities are joining together during Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021 (9-15 October) to highlight how people affected by pregnancy and baby loss can find


Premature birth could be predicted as early as 10 weeks pregnant by testing chemicals and bacteria in the vagina

Mothers at risk of premature birth could be identified far sooner in pregnancy than current tests allow by looking for specific bacteria and chemicals in their cervicovaginal fluid, according to


Energy drinks can raise stillbirth risk and caffeine guidance confuses mums-to-be

Stillbirth experts warn that expectant parents need to know more about caffeine, as a new study from Tommy’s Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre shows 1 in 20 women increased


Simple swab to tell which twins are really at risk of premature birth

A test developed by teams from Tommy’s London Research Centre can help predict whether twins will be born prematurely, a newly published study has found*.  Half of twin pregnancies end in premature births,


Tommy’s partners with Mindshare to launch Tommy’s Midwife Voice Skill ahead of schedule to help alleviate anxiety amid the COVID-19 crisis

The Skill, initially available on Google and Amazon smart phones and speakers, is able to answer a wide range of personal questions that can cause many pregnant women anxiety or