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Cory Bros Add The Secure Catch Tissue Retrieval Pouch To Their Laparoscopic

Cory Bros introduce the Secure Catch Tissue Retrieval Pouch for the quick, simple, secure capture and removal of resected tissue such as ovaries, gall bladder, fibroids, myomas, omentum, spleen, appendices


Aesculap Endoscopy Launch New 3 Chip Full HD Camera For Laparoscopic Surgery

Today’s laparoscopic surgeon demands the very best quality pictures from a camera system, and Aesculap’s new high definition camera establishes the benchmark standard for image quality. Camera features include: 5


Aesculap Endoscopy AdTec comBi®

AdTec comBi®, from Aesculap Endoscopy, is a combination instrument for laparoscopic surgery. It combines dissecting forceps / bipolar grasping forceps with mechanical scissors. The integrated functions allow: Precise dissection Secure


Statistical Facts And Fallacies For Practitioners In Women’s Healthcare

The emergence of evidence-based practice (EBP) and the requirement for all practitioners to engage in EBP activities has led to a proliferation of clinical research activities and publications. Yet, due


Neonatal Scenario Training: The Birth of a New Era of Education?

Imagine… It’s 7am in the labour ward after a busy night. Having experienced a problem-free pregnancy and labour, a healthy 28 year old woman is about to give birth to


Pelvic Floor Exercises: The Solution to Stress Incontinence

Introduction Many women, when jogging or exercising, playing tennis, bouncing on the kids’ trampoline, lifting something, even just laughing, coughing or sneezing, can experience a sudden, unexpected leakage into their