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New – Pelican 3/4mm Dilator &Pelican Thread Retriever

Pelican Healthcare Limited, UK manufacturer of the market leadin gPELIspec vaginal speculum, is pleased to announce the launch of two brand new additions to our extensive range of single-use Feminine


Top quality scans at Bradford Royal Infirmary enable clear visualisation

Bradford Royal Infirmary is able to offer high quality ultrasound scans with improved visualisation due to the installation of three ACUSON S2000™ ultrasound systems. Two of the systems are being


PROMPT Birthing Simulator

This Simulator provides a platform for the teaching and acquisition of many of the practical skills required for the successful management of childbirth. It has been developed for multiple professional


The use of oral contraceptive before pregnancy and breastfeeding duration: A cross-sectional study with retrospective ascertainment

Background Breastfeeding is the perfect way to nourish infants and protect them from illness1. Documented benefits to the nursing mother include a reduction in the risk of breast and ovarian


The basics of umbilical artery velocimetry

Abstract   Introduction The Doppler phenomenon or Doppler effect was first described by Christian Johanan Doppler (1803- 1853). His field of interest was Astronomy. He described the apparent changes in


Fetal scalp blood sampling: clinical theory and practical applications

Bretscher and Saling1 first introduced fetal scalp blood sampling to assess fetal well-being in the 1960’s, and the technique has evolved parallel to fetal heart rate monitoring (Tuffnel et al