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Women who screen positive for HPV: Addressing the STI stigma

Human Papilloma Virus is a common double stranded DNA virus affecting both men and women. There are over 100 different types of HPV, of which 40 types of HPV will


Women’s and care providers’ perspectives of quality prenatal care: A qualitative descriptive study

Background Prenatal care has become one of the most widely used preventive healthcare services in developed countries.1,2 Broadly defined, it encompasses “the detection, treatment, or prevention of adverse maternal, foetal,


Foetal fibronectin screening

Foetal fibronectin (fFN) testing is a leading test to predict preterm birth, and has been available for many years. It has evolved from a laboratory based test, with inherent delays


The history, use and gynaecological aspects of menstrual containment devices

1. History and need The subject of menstruation is replete with folklore and superstition. In ancient and primitive medicine, menstruation was connected with the lunar cycles and the full moon


British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Episiotomy characteristics and risks for obstetric anal sphincter injuries: a case-control study Stedenfeldt M, Pirhonen J, Blix E, WilsgaardT et al, 2012: 119(6) 724-730 This is a matched case-control study


Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Canada

“They were my eggs; they were her babies”: known oocyte donors’ conceptualizations of their reproductive material. Blyth E, Yee S, Ka Tat Tsang A (2011);33(1):1134-1140 This is a qualitative study


LadyBalance – a new treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis

Good vaginal health depends on maintaining a delicate pH balance; if this balance is disturbed causing the vagina to become less acidic, problems occur.  Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is a problem


Point-of-care testing improves emergency care in Liverpool

 The Gynaecology Emergency Room and Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit at Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust is taking advantage of rapid ßhCG testing with Radiometer’s AQT90 FLEX to improve acute care.


John Radcliffe Hospital expands ultrasound imaging capabilities with four new systems

The John Radcliffe Hospital, part of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, has recently taken installation of four new ACUSON S2000™ diagnostic ultrasound systems from Siemens Healthcare. Two of the new


Limited amounts of alcohol during pregnancy do not harm children

Moderate alcohol consumption during pregnancy does not influence the child’s development and intelligence – Groundbreaking research from Aarhus University in Denmark finds no adverse effects of moderate alcohol consumption among