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Journal of Therapeutic Ultrasound

Paper: Clinical predictors of successful resonance-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) for uterine leiomyoma Paper authors: Gorny KR, Borah BJ, Weaver AL et al Paper ref: (2013)1:15   Fibroids are a common complaint


Journal of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare

Paper: Parents’ experiences of an instrumental vaginal birth findings from a regional study in Sweden Paper authors: Hildingsson I, Karlstrom A, Nystedt A Paper ref: (2013): 4(1) 3-8   This


Heralding a new era of non-invasive prenatal testing

Non-invasive tests to screen for foetal aneuploidy are rapidly emerging on the UK market, carrying a lower risks for mothers and foetuses than their invasive counterparts. But what do relevant


Pelvic organ prolapse: current understanding, assessment and management

Kosturika Ash and Alok Ash review the current literature regarding prolapse, including assessment techniques and means of treatment.   Introduction Genito-urinary prolapse or pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is a common


Ovarian cancer next under the microscope

We have come a huge way to understand the mechanics behind breast cancer, including early diagnosis, screening and treatment, due to in large part to research carried out by experts


Age-old question of cervical screening

The age at which cervical screening should commence is a source of debate, as there are benefits and disadvantages to its early practice. This prompted Dr Dudill to ask: should


DTR Medical relieve strain on maternity clinics with high-quality, single-use Maternity Packs.

With a third of maternity units refusing home births due to staff shortages, maternity-clinic staff are stretched more than ever. In order to help clinics run at optimal efficiency, DTR


Cancer cells disguise themselves as neurons

Breast cancer cells masquerade as neurons, allowing them to hide from the immune system, cross the blood-brain barrier and begin to form ultimately-deadly brain tumours, researchers have found. Treatment and


Protein may be largely responsible for metastasis of breast cancer

A cancer-research team has identified a protein that may be a major culprit when breast cancer metastasises to the brain. Brain metastasis is a terrifying complication of advanced breast cancer,


Gene causes breast cancer spread

Researchers are developing a novel compound known to reverse the spread of malignant breast cancer cells. The vast majority of deaths from cancer result from its progressive spread to vital