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Australian association adopts data analysis tool to track and minimise complications after surgery

The Australasian Gynaecological Endoscopy & Surgery Society (AGES), which has a membership of over 600 gynaecological specialists in Australia and New Zealand, is adopting a new web-based analysis tool which


Northern Irish women have only half the recommended iodine levels at critical stage of pregnancy

Pregnant Northern Irish women do not get enough iodine through their diet and do not know enough about how to address their deficiency, according to preliminary research presented at the


Infants born to obese women and fed with breast milk gain less weight than those fed with powdered milk within their first 6 months of life

An international study coordinated by professor Cristina Campoy from the department of Paediatrics at the University of Granada (UGR) has showed that breastfed infants born to obese women keep a


New hope given to women struggling to conceive

Southampton researchers have found new insight into why some women have difficulty falling pregnant. Endometriosis is a chronic condition affecting around 10 per cent of women and is associated with


Majority of stillbirth cases remain unexplained, suggesting post mortem investigation needs to be refined, GOSH research finds

Analysis by a Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) led team looking at the effectiveness of different elements of the post mortem process shows that, despite full standard investigation, in the


Depression during pregnancy is associated with abnormal brain structure in children

Depressive symptoms in women during and after pregnancy are associated with reduced thickness of the cortex-the outer layer of the brain responsible for complex thought and behaviour in preschool-age children,


Children of severely obese mothers at higher risk of ADHD

Babies born to severely overweight mothers have a greater chance of developing conditions such as ADHD, research has found. Public health strategies that help women planning pregnancies to reach and


Women experience marked decline in sexual function in months immediately before and after onset of menopause

Women experience a notable decline in sexual function approximately 20 months before and one year after their last menstrual period, and that decrease continues, though at a somewhat slower rate,


Miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy may trigger post-traumatic stress disorder

Women may be at risk of post-traumatic stress disorder following a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, suggests a new study. The team behind the research, from Imperial College London, say the


Depressed, suicidal, crippled financially: the real impact of fertility struggles in the UK

A major new national survey from leading patient charity Fertility Network UK, released at the start of National Fertility Awareness Week at the beginning of November, reveals that the emotional,