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Sands responds to the latest report from MBRRACE-UK

Dr Clea Harmer, Chief Executive of Sands, responds to the latest report from MBRRACE-UK that shows that rate of baby deaths in the UK is not shifting: “It’s welcome news that the


Older women must have access to the most effective breast cancer treatments, surgeon warns

Older women with breast cancer must be offered treatments that will give them the best possible outcome, a leading surgeon has said, as new data suggests women over 70 are


Complex sugars in breast milk may prevent future food allergies

The unique composition of a mother’s breast milk may help to reduce food sensitisation in her infant, report researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine with


Maternity services urged to complete Digital Maturity Assessment

An assessment to help maternity services measure their digital maturity has been launched. Maternity services across England have until the end of June to complete the online assessment that will


Central Medical develops Dreamgenii pregnancy support medical pillow

Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS), a supplier of maternity products to the NHS and nursery retailers, recently showcased the Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support Medical Pillow at the Primary Care and Public


Men may contribute to infertility through newly discovered part of sperm

A study at The University of Toledo shows that a father donates not one, but two centrioles through the sperm during fertilisation, and the newly discovered sperm structure may contribute


Women plan more for their summer holiday than they do for pregnancy

In a survey of more than 750 women, pregnancy health charity Tommy’s found that the majority of women put a lot of thought and planning into a summer holiday. When


Blood test for pregnant women can predict premature birth

A new blood test for pregnant women detects with 75-80 per cent accuracy whether their pregnancies will end in premature birth. The technique can also be used to estimate a


Preterm newborns sleep better in NICU while hearing their mother’s voice

Hearing a recording of their mother’s voice may help neonates maintain sleep while in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), according to preliminary data from a new study. About 10


Exposure to smoking before and after birth linked to hearing impairment in toddlers

Exposure to tobacco smoke prenatally and postnatally was associated with hearing impairment in a Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology study of young children in Japan. In the study of 50,734 children aged three