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Improved access to Midwifery Units is urgently needed, says new study

A high number of pregnant women in England cannot access the maternity care most appropriate for them, according to a new study, which could be costing the NHS millions of


Wing Sling and Calming Cuddle Blanket available from CMS

Promotional feature Wing Sling and Calming Cuddle Blanket, produced by Small Beginnings, are now available from Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS). A specialist supplier of developmental care products, CMS is


An apple a day might help keep bothersome menopause symptoms away

A healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables is known to benefit the human body in so many ways. Now a new study suggests that it may also play a


Some antibiotics prescribed during pregnancy linked with birth defects

Children of mothers prescribed macrolide antibiotics during early pregnancy are at an increased risk of major birth defects, particularly heart defects, compared with children of mothers prescribed penicillin, finds a


NCT celebrates new arrangements for postnatal checks

NCT is celebrating NHS England’s new contract arrangements which will support GP practices to provide mothers with a dedicated six to eight week postnatal check to discuss their health with


Stopping sperm in its tracks: latest progress in the hunt for a male contraceptive

Researchers at the University of Dundee have developed an unrivalled, fully automated robotic screening system which allows them to rapidly test the effect of drugs and other chemicals on human


Research shows mum-to-mum support improves mental health and wellbeing

NCT (National Childbirth Trust) in conjunction with City, University of London has found that mothers with emotional difficulties who accessed peer support showed significant improvements in their mental health and


The first roadmap for ovarian ageing

Due to the modern tendency to postpone childbirth until later in life, a growing number of women are experiencing issues with infertility. Infertility likely stems from age-related decline of the