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Treat smarter with Sonata

Promotional feature The ever-present COVID-19 pandemic has put a huge strain on hospital services in the UK and around the world. As the number of coronavirus cases rose, and hospitals


Simple swab to tell which twins are really at risk of premature birth

A test developed by teams from Tommy’s London Research Centre can help predict whether twins will be born prematurely, a newly published study has found*.  Half of twin pregnancies end in premature births,


Small risk of muscle and bone malformations in newborns for mothers who have taken common thrush treatment

Pregnant women who take the thrush treatment fluconazole orally appear to have a  higher risk of giving birth to a baby with muscle and bone malformations, suggests research published by The


5-6 November 2020, 4th Gynae Imaging Course; London and virtual

This is the fourth edition of JCA Medical Seminars two-day Gynae imaging course and they will be hosting this years’ in London! Covering the essentials of gynaecological imaging, we shall be looking


International survey reveals a lack of knowledge about the impact of thyroid disorders on fertility

Merck, a science and technology company, recently announced international survey results that reveal a lack of understanding about the implications that undiagnosed thyroid disorders can have on fertility, fetal development and the


Women’s egg quality dependent on metabolic factors

Increasing the levels of a chemical found in all human cells could boost a woman’s fertility and help select the best eggs for IVF, according to University of Queensland research.