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NMC updates approach to supporting nursing and midwifery education amid the Covid-19 pandemic

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has announced it will reintroduce emergency education standards to enable final year nursing students to opt-in to support the response to the Covid-19 pandemic,


Sunbathing after menopause may be harmful

UV-radiation can affect hormone levels of postmenopausal women negatively and this may contribute to several health issues. The concentration of oestrogens in the blood affects a woman’s health in many


Important cause of preeclampsia discovered

New findings show that cholesterol crystals in the uterine wall are the villain that researchers have been looking for. These crystals cause intensified inflammation in people who become ill. Despite


Psychiatric help for mothers with postnatal depression results in healthy changes in the brains of their babies

New research from McMaster University has found that psychiatric help for mothers with postnatal depression results in healthy changes in the brains of their babies. The study, published in the


Depression in new fathers connected to relationship insecurities

Becoming a parent often brings great joy, but not always. Parenthood also entails challenges, stress and, for some people, it can trigger depression. A new study from Lund University in


17-18 June 2021, Gynae Imaging Course; London and virtually

Two-day Gynae Imaging Course, held both in London, and virtually Suitable for Radiologists, Radiographers and Gynaecologists, we’ll be covering the essentials of gynaecological imaging. You’ll hear from a range of


Hypertension symptoms in women often mistaken for menopause

Pregnancy complications and early menopause increase women’s future risk of heart disease. Cardiologists, gynaecologists and endocrinologists recommend how to help middle-aged women prevent later heart problems in a European Society


In-utero exposures associated with increased risk of thyroid cancer

A recent study by Prof. Tone Bjørge, University of Bergen, and her team shows that thyroid cancer is related to in-utero exposures. Thyroid cancer is diagnosed at a younger age


Dirty air linked to pregnancy loss in South Asia

Pregnant women in South Asia are exposed to the dirtiest ambient air in the world with nearly 30 per cent of pregnancy losses in the region attributable to exposure to


New insight into why breastfed babies have improved immune systems

Research led by the University of Birmingham and Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust has revealed new insight into the biological mechanisms of the long-term positive health effects of