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Mother’s health and lifestyle during pregnancy shape neurodevelopment of 2-year-old children

Maternal gestational diabetes mellitus may have unfavourable effects on the neurodevelopment of 2-year-old children. On the other hand, a mother’s healthy, comprehensive diet supports the child’s neurodevelopment, reveals a new


How post-feeding breasts bounce back from the brink of death to kick-start milk production

Scientists have discovered a protein that kick-starts milk production after breastfeeding is over – something which could provide effective new targets for cancer treatments. The groundbreaking study from the University


Health screening uptake among British women increases, but stark health inequalities remain

New data from Hologic reveals the state of women’s health in the UK. Despite promising signs of cancer screening being on the rise, it shows many women are still facing


National Breast Imaging Academy training programmes will save lives and deliver millions in health savings

By addressing significant breast imaging workforce shortages, the National Breast Imaging Academy (NBIA) is helping to deliver improved outcomes for patients and to save the health economy £50m over 10 years, according


Deadline approaches for the next generation of the Windrush Nurses and Midwives Leadership Programme

Health Education England (HEE) have partnered with Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF) to offer a unique and exciting career development opportunity for NHS Nurses and midwives who are descendants of the