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The Ockenden Report: Defining the responsibilities of the obstetric anaesthetist for non anaesthetists?

James Watts, consultant in anaesthesia and critical care medicine at East Lancashire NHS Trust discusses the Ockenden Report and the role of the obstetric anaesthetist. In 2016, Donna Ockenden, former Clinical


Testing to help diagnose pre-eclampsia recommended by NICE

New NICE guidance recommends PIGF-based testing to rule in or rule out the short-term development of pre-eclampsia[1] Roche Diagnostics UK & Ireland recently welcomed NICE’s new guidance recommending routine use of placental


West Middlesex University uses VR to support women with pregnancy loss

West Middlesex University Hospital’s early pregnancy unit is using a new virtual reality solution to help support women who experience a loss in the early stages of their pregnancy. Women


UK first as ‘green gas and air’ to be used for first time at St George’s Hospital

Women in labour and dental patients will be given ‘green gas and air’ at St George’s hospital, reducing pain on the planet as well as during childbirth and tooth extractions.


Inhaled nitric oxide reduces hospital stay and improves oxygenation in pregnant patients with Covid-19 pneumonia

High dose inhaled nitric oxide gas (iNO) is a safe and effective respiratory therapy for pregnant women hospitalised with severe Covid-19 pneumonia, resulting in a more rapid weaning from supplemental


Newborns develop language skills within hours

In contrast to the traditional view of newborns, passively lying around and crying, a recent study published in Nature Human Behaviour established that newborns start soaking up and tuning into the specifics


Taking Vitamin D during pregnancy could lower the risk of eczema in babies

Taking Vitamin D supplements during pregnancy could substantially reduce the chances of babies up to a year old suffering from atopic eczema, according to a new study by University of


Nurses and midwives forever altered by Covid-19 pandemic

Nurses and midwives feel ‘forever altered’ by the impact of Covid-19 and remain deeply affected by what they experienced, new research from the University of Surrey reports. None felt they


15-16 September 2022, Basic practical skills in obstetrics and gynaecology; Hull

The RCOG Basic Practical Skills course (BPS) is designed to introduce trainees to safe surgical techniques and obstetric clinical skills, in a structured workshop environment. The course is standardised to


Attitudes around older motherhood too often emphasise risk and pregnancy timing

Francesca Scala’s analysis of Canadian policy texts suggests that women who give birth later in life are unfairly stigmatised by societal expectations In current policy texts, medical guidelines and educational