By: 1 March 2008

‘Stunning’ 4D Imaging Offered By Fertility Clinic

Patients at St Jude’s Women’s Hospital in Wolverhampton are delighted with the enhanced ultrasound services provided with the purchase of an ACUSON Antares Premium Edition system from Siemens. St Jude’s Hospital is one of the few British centres able to cater for all aspects of women’s healthcare, in addition to offering a range of high quality treatments to overcome fertility.

Mr Jude Adeghe, Medical Director of St Jude’s Hospital, confirmed: “There’s been a significant increase in demand for 4D imaging, and after considerable research, we purchased the Antares system as we believe it is the clear market leader in terms of 4D capabilities. Our families are very excited and impressed watching every movement of the baby in the uterine cavity. The image quality is truly stunning.”

In addition to the enhanced 4D benefits, the Antares is used for 3D examinations of the uterus and endometrium, providing a more precise diagnosis for conditions such as Endometrial Polyps. The enhanced capabilities of the new Antares in monitoring blood flow to the uterus and endometrium, are also benefiting patients undergoing IVF by providing more accurate treatments with a higher success rate.