30 November 2023

Tommy’s appoints new Chair of Maternal and Fetal Health at King’s College London

Premature birth specialist and long-standing Tommy’s researcher Professor Andrew Shennan OBE has been appointed as Tommy’s Chair of Maternal and...

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28 November 2023

Great results with emergency care adapted for pregnant women

Increased vigilance for high blood pressure and diffuse stomach pain. These are some of the characteristics of emergency care adapted...

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23 November 2023

Three-fold rise in extremely premature babies given respiratory life support in England and Wales after guidelines change

The number of very premature babies (22 weeks) given respiratory life support (survival focused care) and/or admitted to neonatal units...

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21 November 2023

Aston University and Simulation Man launch overweight manikin for medical student training

Aston University College of Health and Life Sciences and Simulation Man have jointly launched a new, overweight female manikin for...

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16 November 2023

Innovative ideas supporting pregnant women and new mothers needed to address health inequalities

Head of Innovation at InnoScot Health, Robert Rea considers the women’s health opportunity for change   The need to address women’s...

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14 November 2023

Outstanding bereavement support midwife wins UK Award

Gemma Sayer, a bereavement support midwife at Airedale General Hospital in West Yorkshire, has won the Elaine Thorp Award for...

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9 November 2023

Royal College of Midwives: Relief that maternity and neonatal care saved from NHS funding freeze

The Royal College of Midwives has welcomed the announcement that funding for maternity and neonatal services in England will not...

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7 November 2023

Menstrual cups could reduce HSV-2 infection risk and improve vaginal health, trial shows

Menstrual cups may result in fewer infections and improve vaginal health, a new trial led by Liverpool School of Tropical...

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