7 May 2024

Quitting smoking during pregnancy may have a positive effect on placental weight

Women who stop smoking during pregnancy can achieve a healthier balance between the weight of the fetus and the weight...

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2 May 2024

NHS baby check may miss dislocated hips in new-born babies

A new study has identified that NHS infant checks can miss serious hip abnormalities in new-born babies. Left undetected, these...

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30 April 2024

Potentially fatal anaemia cases are on the rise

Research shows cases of anaemia – a potentially fatal condition – are on the rise, and most likely to hit...

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29 April 2024

NHS Scotland staff ‘best placed’ to help close mental health gap for new mums during awareness week

New and expectant mothers are being encouraged to access support and information during Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week (29 April...

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25 April 2024

Opioids during pregnancy not linked to substantially increased risk of psychiatric disorders in children

Short term, low dose prescription opioids after the first trimester of pregnancy seem relatively safe in terms of neuropsychiatric disorders...

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22 April 2024

1-5 May 2024, 17th ESC Congress; Bilbao, Spain

The 17th European Society of Contraception (ESC) Congress is dedicated to the latest advancements in Contraception and Reproductive Health. The...

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18 April 2024

Midwives face huge barriers returning to work due to lack of childcare, says RCM

A lack of flexible and accessible childcare options for midwives’ risks heightening Scotland’s maternity workforce challenges. The warning comes as...

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17 April 2024

Breastfeeding mothers who exercise pass on a beneficial hormone to their children

It is really quite strange that although women have breastfed since the beginning of time, there is very little scientific...

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