By: 1 June 2008

Thermablate EAS The Endometrial Ablation System

The Thermablate EAS is an easy-to-use, handheld, lightweight device that is fully automated and has a self-contained control unit. It is an effective treatment for women with menorrhagia.

The Thermablate thermal balloon endometrial ablation system features a balloon filled with a novel glycerine based treatment fluid that allows heating up to 173oC, providing a mean balloon temperature of 150oC, reducing treatment time to only 2 minutes 38 seconds.

The soft, pliable catheter tip ensures easy, safe insertion into the uterine cavity.

The procedure is easy to learn and the device’s fast, accurate LCD display provides information, instructions, and feedback to the clinician on pressure and temperature during the treatment.

Thermablate offers a cost effective, short procedure time, a procedure that can be performed under no or minimal anaesthesia/analgesia in an Outpatient setting. Studies have shown that intra and post-operative pain scores are low with Thermablate.

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