By: 1 June 2008

TRYPTIK®MC Modular Cage-Plate Combination

The innovative design of the TRYPTIKMC cervical cage-plate combination offers a great alternative to the standard designs of cages and plates that are available in the market today. It is designed for an easy and intuitive handling.

The oblong holes of the dynamic plate allow for a settling of the screws in the holes to stimulate the fusion process. It is adjustable in any kind of direction allowing great freedom of positioning for multi-level surgeries and avoiding collision with other instruments (e.g. a cervical distractor pins).

It is possible to remove the plate either intra- or post-operatively without removing the cage.

The self tapping screws have a locking mechanism that is activated automatically by passing the screws through the holes.

The cage is made of PEEK and has a load sharing feature which has been designed to accommodate Wolffs law for fusion. It is also available pre-filled with a bone substitute.

The TRYPTIKMC cervical cage-plate combination is the solution for surgeons who are looking for more than just a cage!