By: 1 December 2008

Complete Fetal Scalp Blood Sampling Procedure Tray

Fetal Blood Sampling is crucial in the decision to go to a caesarean section or continue with a natural delivery. Therefore blood sampling results are import and needs to be accurate, the current method using Vaseline can affect the pH reading and may damage the Blood gas analyser.

Clinical Innovations (Europe) now offer everything you need to take a fetal blood sample without Vaseline. The Complete Fetal Scalp Blood Sampling Procedure Tray includes a Lina Blood Sampler, capillary tubes with extras such as end caps and mixing wires.

Using the Lina Wand you can take a fetal blood sampler with one insertion and single handed. A pre-mounted blade and a place to pre-mount the heparinsed capillary tube ensure a smooth collection of the fetal blood with your eye on the area the whole time.

The tray ensures you have everything close to hand to perform the blood sample.