By: 1 December 2008

MEDICREA introduces the LigaPASS connector. The LigaPASS is a unique, patented device designed to compliment Medicreas comprehensive Thoracic and Lumbar posterior fixation system PASS LP, by providing an alternative anchorage point to the standard pedicle screw or vertebral claw in cases where the anatomy is not easily accessed often due to deformities relating to scoliosis. The LigaPASS provides a solution to this problem by anchoring the rod construct using a ligament band passed through the posterior arch of the vertebra into a double-locking rod connector.The result is the creation of a hybrid construct using PASS LPs robust polyaxial pedicle screws and self-stabilising claws alongside the LigaPASS, which offers what is widely accepted by surgeons to be an improved surgical correction with additional fixation points not possible without a ligament band option.

The LigaPASS is unique to competitive systems as it maintains the ability to achieve a 3D correction including vertebral derotation through the same method of Medicreas distinctive derotation technique currently achieved using the Clement Derotation Connector. PASS LP concep- tor, Dr Jean Luc Clement, a French paediatric deformity surgeon based at the Lenval Hospital in Nice collaborated with American paediatric deformity surgeon, Dr Afshin Aminian, of the Childrens Hospital of Orange County, California to design the LigaPASS with Medicreas innova- tive R&D team all recognising Medicreas dedication to improve clinical outcomes and produce responsive, user-friendly systems.