By: 1 September 2009

New – Pelican 3/4mm Dilator &Pelican Thread Retriever

New – Pelican 3/4mm Dilator &Pelican Thread Retriever

Pelican Healthcare Limited, UK manufacturer of the market leadin gPELIspec vaginal speculum, is pleased to announce the launch of two brand new additions to our extensive range of single-use Feminine Healthcare products.

The Pelican 3/4mm Dilator joinsour existing Pelican 5/6mm Dilator designed to gently dilate the cervix.The tapered ends allow gradual dilatation from the two size options allowing 1mm increments from 2mm-6mm. The Pelican Dilator features a central thumb hold for ease of use and smooth rounded ends to minimize discomfort. Two pack sizes are also available for convenience.

The Pelican Thread Retriever is designed to locate lost IUD threads and can also be used to sound the uterus for the presence of the intra-uterine device. The Pelican Thread Retriever has a flexible stem to sound the uterus and specifically designed notches for accurate location and retrieval of the IUD threads. The Pelican Thread Retriever has a thumb recess for enhanced grip and control.

For further information on the full range of products available from Pelican Healthcare.