By: 1 September 2010

Women with recurrent stress incontinence due to failed prior corrective surgery pose a dilemma for many Surgeons. What are the treatment options…?

For these difficult to treat patients the solution is the TRT® Remeex System (Tension-free Readjustable Tape) now being distributed by Dantec Medical in the UK.

The sling system eliminates the guesswork from sling tensioning and provides the Surgeon with the flexibility of increasing or decreasing urethral support with their patient awake, standing and actively participating in achieving continence.

The TRT® system is also ideal for difficult ISD cases that may require slight compression to achieve continence while minimising the risk of retention.

Further fine tuning in the mid to long term is easily accomplished with a Readjustment set, through a small suprapubic incision carried out under local anesthesia.

With its unique capabilities and long term safety and efficacy, validated in over 65 studies and abstracts, the TRT® Remeex system should be included in the range of treatments offered by every Surgeon who treats significant numbers of incontinent patients.

To arrange a demonstration or discuss the innovative system in more detail, please contact Robin Benson, Business Development Executive-SUI on 07814-596912 or email Please quote TRT 09-10 when replying.