By: 1 December 2010

Today’s laparoscopic surgeon demands the very best quality pictures from a camera system, and Aesculap’s high definition camera establishes the benchmark standard for image quality.

Camera features include:

  • 5 times higher resolution, compared to standard definition cameras
  • 1080p60 – Offers maximum possible quality & lag free images
  • Impressive colour depth and differentiation
  • Remote control functions
  • 5 x Zoom (Optical & Digital)
  • Multi-specialty surgery setting options
  • 6:9 ratio images offers wider field of view
  • Camera cable can be replaced on-site
  • HD laparoscopes complement the HD camera and ensure the highest quality images all the way from the patient to the monitor

Surgical images can be archived on the “EDDY” digital storage system, and transferred onto external USB storage media or CD /DVDs, as well as creating instant printable patients reports, including still pictures with commentary.

We also offer innovative finance options to make it easy for hospitals to “advance to HD”, where current funding may be limited, inhibiting existing equipment upgrades.