By: 1 June 2011

Point-of-care hCG testing invaluable for emergency gynaecology

Point-of-care testing with Radiometer’s AQT90 FLEX has transformed the management of pregnancy problems at The Royal London Hospital’s Emergency Gynaecology Unit (EGU) in Whitechapel.

Dr Mary Gbegbaje, who leads the EGU, explained: “The AQT90 FLEX has proved invaluable for the management of problems in early pregnancy. In the past, if an ultrasound scan was inconclusive we would have to send a blood sample to the laboratory for analysis and wait for the result. Rapid, point-of-care analysis with the AQT90 FLEX allows us to obtain a result and initiate a management plan without delay, which is very good for the patient.”

Parvesh Mohan, Senior Nurse Practitioner, continued: “Previously, blood samples were sent to the laboratory for serum β-hCG analysis, and it would be two to three hours before we received the results. The AQT90 FLEX provides a result in just 20 minutes, avoiding the need to recall patients who have already left the unit and reducing patient anxiety.”

Dr Gbegbaje concluded: “We needed a reliable, user-friendly system that allowed us to simply put a bottle in and get a result out. The AQT90 FLEX is a robust, closed system that is very easy to use. It provides the fast, reliable results that we require and is a real asset to the Emergency Gynaecology Unit.”