By: 1 September 2011

Clearblue® announces important new study proving ovulation test superior accuracy

Clearblue®, the UK and Ireland’s No. 1 brand in pregnancy, fertility and ovulation testing, has announced the results of new research, which proves that using a test such as the Clearblue® Digital Ovulation test is significantly more reliable than using the traditional calendar method.

The new study results were presented at the prestigious annual conference of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), by Dr. Jayne Ellis, Director of Scientific and Medical Affairs at SPD Swiss Precision Diagnostics, makers of the Clearblue tests.

The new research compared the two methods, calendar and the Clearblue® Digital Ovulation test, using a group of 101 women, who collected daily urine samples over many cycles (895 cycles of data in total). A laboratory analysis of the LH surge plus a progesterone rise in the urine confirmed ovulation in a clinically validated confirmation method.

The researchers said that the Clearblue® Digital Ovulation test was significantly more accurate because it could cope with cycle variability, which the calendar method could not. This meant that the determination of peak fertile days from the Clearblue® Digital Ovulation 20 test pack were 99% correct, whereas in only 35% of cycles was there an accurate prediction using the calendar method.