Sales Director, DP Medical Systems Ltd

Q: How long have you been with the company?

A: I have been with DP Medical Systems Ltd for nineteen years and involved in medical sales for thirty five years. My field sales career has taken me all over the UK and to Australia. During the 1980’s I developed a specialist interest in rigid endoscopy which I have been able to nurture with DP Medical Systems Ltd.

Q: What made you choose a career in this industry?

A: I began my career as an operating theatre technician in a London hospital. In the course of my work, I saw the representatives from various medical companies coming into the hospital and this type of work appealed to me. I was fortunate to be offered a position with Downs Surgical where I received thorough training in instrumentation, operating techniques and human biology. When I was 21 I became the Sales Representative for the North West of England and my career progressed from there.

Q: Do you find your job rewarding and if so how?

A: Absolutely! It is fascinating to see the changes and progress in medical techniques and to be at the forefront of finding the products to fulfil the market requirements. As we are a small company I am very much involved from identifying a requirement, finding the product to fill that requirement and taking it to the end user – I see the whole picture which is great.

Q: How did the company begin?

A: Douglas Pitman formed DP Medical Systems Ltd in 1986 with his vast knowledge of surgical operating microscopes and neurosurgery. Since then the company has grown to incorporate a Hospital Division and Dental Division. Within the Hospital Division we have a special interest in Gynaecology particularly with colposcopes, hysteroscopes and image capture systems.

Q: Where is the company based?

A: Our head office is in Chessington, Surrey and this is where the core management and administrative staff are based. We have a local office in Manchester and a Sales Manager based in Dublin who covers both Southern and Northern Ireland.

Q: What is the company focus and what do you offer the Gynaecology industry?

A: Our key objectives are to satisfy our customer’s requirements and to ensure our customer’s welfare. Our key products for Gynaecology are operating microscopes, colposcopes, endoscopes, hysteroscopes, related video capture systems and outpatient treatment room furniture. We are able to equip a complete Gynae Outpatient Suite with colposcope, hysteroscopes, video image capture systems, patient chair/couch and mobile or fitted treatment cabinets. We have special package deals available or we can design a treatment room to the requirements of the customer. We ensure that we keep up to date with the latest technology and techniques so that we can offer the very best available product range from quality assured sources.

Q: What new products do you envisage for the future?

A: We have recently purchased ‘Mediscan’, a data and image capture computer system with data sets and software designed specifically for colposcopy and hysteroscopy, including KC65 reporting. We have employed an experienced software developer to continue our success in this exciting sector. We are also working to develop an instant result ‘smear test’ device. This has already been well received in developing countries where there has been little or no availability of traditional smear testing facilities. This is now being developed further for the European market.

Q: Who are your customers and how do you care for them?

A: We visit Consultant Gynaecologists & Obstetricians, Registrars, Nurses, Gynae Outpatient Departments and GPSI’s regularly and we give full training and after care support on all of our products. We keep in regular contact to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We have a full in-house service department with locally based service engineers around the country, ensuring continued peace of mind.

Q: How do you keep up to date with market trends?

A: We regularly speak with Gynaecologists and Nurses and attend many Gynae meetings where we look out for new trends and requirements. We have also built up good relationships with existing customers and they are a very good source of up and coming trends. As an independent company we can search the world for the best products at the best prices to suit market requirements.

Q: How are you committed to quality?

A: Our reputation relies upon the high standards of both our products and services. We ensure that we supply products from quality assured sources and that we comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements. Customer support, training and after sales care are very important in providing a quality service. Without a genuine commitment to quality our business would not exist.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: We will continue to look out for niche markets where we can develop our existing range and take our own ‘Mediscan’ data and image capture computer to the world market. We are always looking to the future – DP Medical Systems Ltd is committed to innovation.

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