Russell Etherington

Clinical Sales and Marketing Specialist, Dantec Medical

Q: What made you choose a career in this industry?

A: My clinical background and continued clinical interest is in Urology and UroGynaecology, having been a nurse specialist for 10 years in this area and having run my own NHS based diagnostic and therapeutic department.

Q: What is your professional background?

A: I am a Registered General Nurse, with qualifications in Urology, Continence and education. I am currently studying marketing.

Q: What do you think your experience can do to advance the interests of the company?

A: With 19 years clinical experience, my focus is the patient first, as is the case for all of us in the team. My colleagues also have a wealth of experience with individuals having been involved in this area for many years, and having a good understanding and relationship with many clinicians.

Q: Do you find your job rewarding and if so how?

A: All of us in the team find our jobs rewarding, and we work very closely together. We believe in the products we provide, and continually strive to improve them. Making them more user friendly and keeping up to date with the latest technical and clinical innovations we believe is an important part of us working with people to improve the patient’s outcome.

Q: Does your job involve a lot of travelling?

A: A fair amount yes, making sure I stay in touch with our customers and business partners, as well as supporting clinicians in their continuing training, and exhibition attendance nationally and internationally.

Q: How did the company begin and how long has it been running?

A: The company has a scientific basis and has been involved in Urology and Gynaecology for more than 35 years. In this time, Dantec has built a solid reputation for reliability, honesty and providing a high level of product and service.

Q: Does your company have branches abroad?

A: Dantec Dynamics Ltd is based in Denmark, with a presence in six other countries including Japan, France, Germany and the US.

Q: What is the company focus and what do you offer the Gynaecology industry?

A: Our primary focus is the patient. Our product focus historically has been Urodynamics; however we are a company expanding and are now actively involved in Flexible Cystoscopy, and Stress Urinary Incontinence management products such as the Needleless TOT and Tension Free Re-Adjustable Tape.

Q: How many employees do you have?

A: We have a team of seven in our Bristol based office, as well as two dedicated field engineers and four sales and support staff covering the UK for UroGynaecology and Urology, as well as additional team members for our other business areas.

Q: Who are your customers and what products/services do you offer them?

A: Our customers are both within the NHS and the private health sector. We provide a wide range of Urodynamic solutions as well as the innovative Vision Sciences Endosheath® Flexible Cystoscopy system and the Neomedic range of Stress Urinary Incontinence tapes including the Re-adjustable Tension Free TRT system. Our aim is to not only provide the clinician with the tools to diagnose patient’s specific difficulties, but also to provide them a range of solutions tailored again to the patients need.

Q: : How do you keep up to date with changes in the market?

A: The health market is dynamic, and as new innovations materialise and are able to provide more accurate diagnosis, in a less invasive manner, we want to be at the cutting edge. This is why we not only subscribe to various organisations, but also attend many exhibitions not only to exhibit, but so our staff can attend the educational sessions maintaining their own education.

Q: Do you have any new products on the horizon?

A: Yes we do, which we will be presenting early in 2010 at many events. These products we believe will both further the diagnosis and treatment of female and male lower urinary tract issues.

Q: Do you foresee much expansion in the coming years?

A: Dantec Medical is undergoing expansion both in terms of staff and products. We are always looking for new innovative solutions. We wish to expand in a way that utilises our strengths to their full potential. We hope to continue our expansion, listening to our customers and their needs.

Q: How do you advertise your products?

A: Through multiple routes really, magazine advertising, direct mailings and our quarterly newsletter are some of the routes. We also have our website and are listed on Google.™ We also find the face to face contact of our team in the field so to speak is invaluable as well as exhibition attendance.

Q: What makes you different from your competitors?

A: We would like to think that we live by our slogan ‘Partners for Progress.’ We have our customers at the centre of our business, responding to their feedback, and acting upon it accordingly. By having a clear focus on where our expertise and business lies, we believe in being experts in our field.

Q: What technological innovations have you introduced?

A: We have not so much introduced, but have certainly made more people aware of the innovative Endosheath® flexible cystoscopy system, which provides clinicians not only with a truly sterile scope, but also a high degree of flexibility by reducing the limitations of where clinicians can perform the procedure and reducing the capital expenditure required. The Endosheath® system also increases clinical time efficiency due to the reduced turn around time between cases. The Neomedic TRT system previously mentioned, also provides a solution to patients who may have undergone previous stress urinary incontinence surgery which may have failed. TRT allows the clinician to offer a reliable solution and one that is adjustable to the patients symptoms at time of surgery and subsequently.

Q: How are you committed to quality?

A: Quality in healthcare is vital, and we are very committed to it both for our products and our approach to our customers.

Q: How important is good customer relations?

A: Without our customers, we have no business. Our office team are very well trained in supporting our customers as well as us in direct contact with them. We are a customer focused organisation and always think of them first in any decision we make.