By: 3 July 2012

Good vaginal health depends on maintaining a delicate pH balance; if this balance is disturbed causing the vagina to become less acidic, problems occur.  Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is a problem affecting about 20% of pregnant women, with the same symptoms as in non-pregnant women (watery greyish discharge with a predominantly  fishy smell). BV is common, uncomfortable, embarrassing and bacterial but is definitely not a sexually transmitted infection. 

LadyBalance Vaginal Tablets

Treatment for BV during pregnancy is important as it may lead to complications such as late miscarriage or premature birth.  New LadyBalance Vaginal Tablets are used by pregnant and breastfeeding women providing symptomatic relief over the counter.  LadyBalance uses lactose as a prebiotic administered as a vaginal tablet form used daily until symptoms improve.  The lactose formulation encourages growth of beneficial bacteria restoring the vagina to its normal balanced state. It can be used by women who are lactose intolerant but not those with a milk allergy.

In a recent survey of 728 women who evaluated LadyBalance 90% with BV symptoms reported improvement after one week.    

LadyBalance 12 tablets for £12.99 available on-line at or from your nearest Lloyds Pharmacy store.