By: 7 January 2013

Inditherm plc's new neonatal range of patient-warming devices include the CosyNestTM, CosyHoodTM and CosyCoverTM

Inditherm Medical, who specialise in patient warming, have launched a range of neonatal accessories to complement their highly successful CosyTherm systems. Designed and constructed to the highest quality, the products are effective, fully withstand hospital washing standards and have a cheerful appearance to help create a feeling of normality for parents.

The range includes CosyNest™ to recreate the boundaries that the newborn has experienced in the womb, constructed to completely encircle the baby, providing a comfortable boundary at head, feet and sides. CosyHood™ fits to cribs to protect the baby from excess light whilst also reducing exposure to draughts and noise. CosyCover™ is available to fit a variety of incubators, giving infants protection from light and noise, whilst allowing all-round observation of the patient and access without compromising aseptic techniques, without removal of the cover.

All the accessories come in a range of shapes and sizes.

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