By: 18 September 2013
Complete range of sizes now available for popular UK-made vaginal speculum

The Ultraspec is a market-leading vaginal speculum designed and developed in the UK with extensive input from clinical professionals, to produce a device which combines the three essential elements of a quality speculum: it is comfortable, flexible and unbreakable.

Innovative manufacturing techniques and the use of advanced polymers which flex with the body mean that the Ultraspec speculum is unbreakable in normal use, alleviating the risk of shattering and injury to the patient, and reducing discomfort to an absolute minimum. The product features easy-grip handles, recognisable pink tint and a registered-design, smooth-spinning locking-nut which allows easy opening at variable speeds.

The widespread choice of Ultraspec by practice nurses proves that quality and safety do matter when choosing a medical device. A senior nurse, interviewed recently stated: “The reason I use the Ultraspec Speculum is because they are reliable, easy to use, sturdy, they do a good job and all my patients find them comfortable.” With 100s of 1000s of Ultraspec specula used in the UK and abroad already, and zero reported breakages, it looks set to become a firm favourite among other discerning clinical staff.

The Ultraspec range of products is manufactured in the UK by Splice-Cast Ltd. Availability of the product range to end-users in NHS and private sector clinics has recently been strengthened by the appointment of several new distributors in key regions throughout the UK.

Ultraspec: “Products For The People Who Care”