By: 13 January 2014
NIFTY – the new fast, reliable blood test for Down’s Syndrome

BGI Health is proud to launch the new non-invasive screening test for Down’s Syndrome and other conditions – NIFTY – to help reduce the risk of miscarriage, compared with other invasive procedures, in the UK.

NIFTY is the most validated test on the market, as proven by a published clinical study involving more than 11,000 pregnant women, which showed that this simple blood test prevented up to 110 potential miscarriages. It has proven to be more than 99 percent accurate, compared with current screening tests which have a five percent false positive rate.

Ning Li, Chief Executive of BGI Health, said: “Our NIFTY test is the most clinically validated test on the market and has been proven to be fast, reliable and most importantly, highly accurate. It has the potential to save many women the agonising decision of whether to take the risk of going through a potentially unnecessary invasive procedure, providing peace of mind and reducing the chances of miscarriage.”