By: 15 January 2014
Transvaginal scan: spotting problems in pregnancy

Problems during pregnancy can be a huge stress for parents-to-be, or worse, conditions could be life-threatening to the mother and baby. However, the transvaginal scan can assist in early detection of complications, say Izuwah-Njoku and Awadzi.



Early pregnancy loss complicates 20 percent of pregnancies. Maternal morbidity and mortality following early pregnancy loss have been clearly documented. Significant emotional, psychological and physical trauma is commonly seen in affected couples. Early pregnancy loss accounts for about 50,000 hospital admissions in the UK and so results in significant financial burden on the National Health Service. The rate of ectopic pregnancies is 11 per 1,000 pregnancies with a 0.2 percent mortality rate per 1,000 ectopic pregnancies…1

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