By: 17 March 2014
DTR Medical relieve strain on maternity clinics with high-quality, single-use Maternity Packs.

With a third of maternity units refusing home births due to staff shortages, maternity-clinic staff are stretched more than ever.

In order to help clinics run at optimal efficiency, DTR Medical has developed a range of sterile, high-quality, single-use Maternity Packs designed to save time and costs to your clinic.

Containing a selection from an extensive gynaecological range of single-use instruments, the packs offer an ideal solution as your primary or secondary supply for home births.

DTR Medical is a leading manufacturer in sterile, single-use surgical instruments, providing high-quality products with excellent service that delivers clinical value and a cost-effective alternative to reprocessing or replacement.

For more information or for a free, sterile sample of our Maternity Packs, please contact the DTR Medical Customer Services team: