By: 19 August 2016
Mount Vernon Cancer Centre delivers maximum comfort for breast oncology service

Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, part of East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, has recently upgraded its range of breast boards to improve patient comfort and optimise clinical efficiency.

The centre’s busy Radiotherapy Department, which treats over 4,200 patients a year, has already received positive feedback following the purchase of 11 MacroMedics® BreastBoard LX™ units from Oncology Systems Limited (OSL). The easily adjustable and lightweight boards will enable reproducible day-to-day patient setup, creating time efficiencies when used in conjunction with CT and linear accelerator systems.


Left to right: Mark Kpatakpa, Student at University of Hertfordshire; Elaine Dancer, Superintendent Radiographer; Leila Begum, Senior Radiographer; Oliver Shoffren, Superintendent Radiographer at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre and Serafine O’Brien, Territory Manager at Oncology Systems Limited

Mount Vernon Cancer Centre is a centre of excellence for oncology that prides itself on delivering first-class technical treatments and patient care. The radiotherapy team will be using the new breast boards, which are designed to meet the latest requirements in breast treatment, to deliver comfort during innovative techniques. This includes Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) which decreases radiation dose delivered to the heart during the treatment of breast cancer. During use, treatment accuracy is ensured by the consistency, rigidity and stability of the boards.

The solution was chosen for its variability, with the boards offering a range of moving parts to ensure optimum comfort for a variety of patients with unique requirements. The boards have additional features to enhance patient comfort such as a solid, anatomically shaped surface for the patient to lie on. Optimised for the user, discreet settings and non-duplication of positions allow for ease of recording and rapid set-up. The equipment is also easy for staff to manoeuver to ensure a smooth and efficient service, and additionally an ergonomically sound workplace.

“The Radiotherapy Department includes a team of 65 radiographers that rely on the most efficient and patient-friendly technology,” states Oliver Shoffren, Superintendent Radiographer at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre. “Our previous breast boards were becoming outdated so we sought to replace them with a modern alternative that would support departmental efficiencies. We trialled a number of boards looking at criteria such as weight, storage and size for manageability, the design for patient comfort and the cost-effectiveness. Staff and patients were asked to feedback on each model and scores were collated accordingly. The MacroMedics BreastBoard LX came out on top, and the service provided by Oncology Systems Limited helped to ensure a smooth transition from old to new.”

For more information on the BreastBoard LX, see the Oncology Systems Limited website or e-mail