By: 23 December 2016
Discerning users insist on the benefits of the ‘pink speculum’

In busy screening and colposcopy clinics, it is often a case of having to ‘make do’ with the speculum available to hand. This can lead to discomfort for the patient and frustration for the user with a product which does not perform to expectations.

The pink-tinted Ultraspec speculum is a market-leading vaginal speculum, designed and developed with extensive input from clinical professionals to combine the three essential qualities of a speculum: it must be comfortable, flexible and unbreakable. Perhaps this is why clinicians who have tried the Ultraspec are no longer willing to ‘make do’ and insist on the ‘pink ones’.

User-friendly product features include larger handles for more accurate use and a unique, smooth-spinning locking-nut which allows easy opening and closing at variable speeds. Innovative manufacturing techniques and the use of advanced polymers which flex with the body make Ultraspec unbreakable in normal use, thus alleviating the trauma of shattering and injury to the patient and reducing discomfort to an absolute minimum. A senior nurse interviewed recently states:  “The reason I use Ultraspec Speculum is because they are reliable, easy to use and sturdy. They do a good job and all my patients find them comfortable.” Another comments “we like the colour – it automatically puts the patients at ease.”

The Ultraspec range of products is manufactured in the UK by Splice-Cast Ltd. Availability of the product range to end-users in NHS primary and acute sectors as well as private sector clinics has been strengthened by the recent appointment of several new distributors in key regions throughout the UK.

Ultraspec:  “Products For The People Who Care”