By: 13 April 2018
WFIP & Atlantic Therapeutics Group Ltd announce global partnership

The World Federation of Incontinence Patients (WFIP) has partnered with Atlantic Therapeutics Group Ltd, the developer of INNOVO®, a non-invasive pelvic floor strengthening system, to drive education on the taboo subject of urinary incontinence and to increase visibility of safe and conservative solutions to treat this issue.

Millions of people around the world suffer from incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction. Given that incontinence affects around one in four women over the age of 35 and one in ten adult men, this is crucial to demonstrate the widespread nature of the condition and its impact on the lives of adults and children of all ages.

WFIP and Atlantic Therapeutics have mutual goals to create global visibility and provide solutions through awareness, advocacy and action. Through meetings held between WFIP & Atlantic Therapeutics, the potential to partner has been identified. The collaboration agreement brings together and harnesses the individual strengths of both WFIP and Atlantic Therapeutics to increase awareness about incontinence conditions in the medical community and among patients, with an emphasis on highlighting the solution available to treat the cause, not just the symptoms.

Mary Lynne Van Poelgeest-Pomfret, President of the World Federation of Incontinent Patients (WFIP) adds: “The collaboration between Atlantic Therapeutics (AT) and WFIP fits like a glove. It became apparent to me right from the start that WFIP and AT share the same aims, our common goal being to raise awareness of all forms of incontinence and seek to help and support the 400 million or so people worldwide who suffer from incontinence. Together we form a formidable team. For WFIP as the patient voice, this collaboration represents a great step towards combatting the many issues such as stigma, taboo, isolation and depression associated with incontinence. Together we will be reaching a wider audience who are seeking effective and safe solutions for incontinence.”

Steve Atkinson, CEO of Atlantic Therapeutics comments: “Our primary aim is to help men and women treat the root cause of urinary incontinence and give them back control over their lives. It therefore felt like a natural step to partner with The World Federation of Incontinence Patients to bring INNOVO to the attention of the wider medical community and ultimately help the thousands of men and women who suffer from urinary incontinence to find a proven, safe and effective solution to their incontinence.”

INNOVO is a non-invasive, clinically proven restoration system, which uses Innovotherapy to safely and effectively activate and strengthen the muscles of the entire pelvic floor to treat urinary incontinence. The device uses multi directional currents, which sends targeted impulses to the entire pelvic floor to produce 180 perfect contractions per session. This technology favours more forceful muscle contractions and minimises muscle fatigue when compared to traditional single path electrical stimulation. 93 per cent of users in the clinical trial found a significant improvement in four weeks, and 86 per cent were defined as dry or near dry after 12 weeks[1].

Reference: Soeder S, Tunn R. (2012) – Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) of the Pelvic Floor Muscles using a Non-Invasive Surface Device in the Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI); A Pilot Study. IUGA Poster Presentation Conference, Dublin, Ireland (2013).