By: 25 April 2019
SISS BABYCONTROL® Apnoea Monitor available from CMS

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The SISS BABYCONTROL Apnoea Monitor is available from Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS), a specialist supplier of neonatal products. SISS BABYCONTROL is an Apnoea monitor for new-borns that monitors the respiratory function, both when stationary and mobile.

The smallest monitor of its type, SISS BABYCONTROL is highly reliable and easy to use, making it suitable for use not only in hospitals but also by parents at home. A reusable body sensor is placed on the infant’s abdominal wall and records the respiratory movements. The monitor notifies of threatening respiratory pauses with both an acoustic and visual alarm.

Apnoea monitors can be helpful in reassuring parents anxious about sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), especially those who have had an infant previously die suddenly and unexpectedly (SUDI). SIDS refers to the sudden and unexpected death of a baby where no cause is found. Around 89 per cent of SIDS deaths happen when a baby is six months old or less. Infants born prematurely (before 37 weeks) or with a low birth weight (under 2.5kg) are particularly vulnerable to SIDS. While SIDS is comparatively rare – 219 unexplained infant deaths occurred in England and Wales in 2016 – it still happens and there are steps parents can take to reduce the chance of it occurring.

To reduce the risk of SIDS, the Lullaby Trust has produced scientific evidence-based safer sleep advice. The Lullaby Trust is a charity working to reduce the number of SIDS deaths and support bereaved families. Jo Carroll, National Lead for the CONI programme at the Lullaby Trust, says: “Parents are often concerned about their infant while they are sleeping, especially if they have previously experienced the death of a baby. Our safer sleep advice gives parents simple steps to follow, to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. The advice covers topics including the best sleeping position for a baby, sharing a room with your baby and the room temperature.” A copy of the Lullaby Trust’s safer sleep leaflet can be downloaded at

Parents who have had an infant die suddenly and unexpectedly can be particularly anxious about future babies. Working with the NHS and local authorities, the Lullaby Trust facilitates a Care of Next Infant (CONI) programme, which supports families whose previous baby died due to SIDS. One of the programme’s support elements is to lend Apnoea monitors to these parents.

The SISS BABYCONTROL Apnoea monitors are used as part of the CONI programme. CMS has produced a video on the use of SISS BABYCONTROL Apnoea monitors, which can also be used for staff training by hospital maternity and neonatal units. The video is available on the Lullaby Trust website at

For more information on the SISS BABYCONTROL Apnoea Monitor contact Tracey Pavier-Grant, Medical Sales Director at Central Medical Supplies, on 01538 392 596, email or visit