By: 24 October 2019
23-24 January 2020, Masterclass in Cosmetic Gynaecology; Talence, France

The quality of life in gynaecology means to deal with ageing of intimate zone, childbirths, changes of skin conditions.

Quality of life is becoming a major demand of women and intimate well-being is also crucial. Cosmetic gynaecology is getting a high demand worldwide since the last ten years and the market is expected to grow widely in the future. Expansion of indications comes together with more effective treatments and medico-surgical techniques reinforcing the trend towards natural aspect. Combined treatments provide also better and less invasive results.

The first check-up consultation is essential to diagnose specific disorders that need specific treatments, to orient to the correct specialist whenever required, to point any contraindications in the intimate rejuvenation treatments planned. Holistic approach do involve several doctors and allied health professionals, then needs to build multidisciplinary network. Integrative tools and standardised follow-up are helpful to make objective analysis and make a treatment plan.

The HIFEM( high intensity focused electromagnetic field) procedure is promising approach for pelvic floor muscles stimulation that further improves the quality of life among SUI patients and for Pop patients.

What will you learn?

– Acquire new Skills and knowledge in cutting edge non-surgical procedures

– To work on intimate rejuvenation procedure

– To use specific devices and perform vaginal rejuvenation

– To offer safe, efficient and innovative technique to your patients: improvements of vulvar scars, vaginal atrophy, sexual dysfunctions; including bleaching

– How to use fillers for vaginal rejuvenation

– How to combine treatments

Educational methods

Live case observation, Hands-on, Lectures

Advantages of the procedure

DQRF procedure is a non ablative innovative technology contributing to:

  • Neocollagenesis and tightening effect I
  • Improving micro-circulation
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Local hydration and restoration of vaginal bacilli balance
  • Procedure involved only mechanical force
  • Radioporation creates a channel for specific products in the deeper layers of the mucosa
  • Fractional radiofrequency is highly efficient in perineal scars improvements
  • Learn how to combine DQRF and HIFEM for early stages Prolapse

Who is this course for?

Gynecologists, Aesthetic Doctors, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons

Clinical results

Diverse existing clinical signs make women suffer daily of urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction including: fryness, lack of lubrication, discomfort and pain. Thus, energy based devices can be effective in:

  • Results in hydration and stimulation of mucosa trophicity, labia majora trophicity
  • Genital rejuvenation to increase vascularisation, neocollagenesis, nerve and tissue regeneration
  • Restoration of normal pH, normal pelvic floor, secretions, improvement mucosa elasticity, improvement of urinary incontinence, improvement of labia majora trophicity

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