By: 2 October 2019
CMS launches new heated gel mattress for Kanmed BabyWarmer

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Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS) – the sole UK distributor for Kanmed – has launched a new gel mattress, with integrated heat pad, designed to be used with the Kanmed BabyWarmer.

The gel mattress now incorporates an integrated heat pad, which is heated to the selected temperature to replicate the mother’s warm skin. The Kanmed BabyWarmer offers a substitute to the warming efficiency of a modern incubator. The BabyWarmer control unit is easy to use with a clear display that shows when the mattress has reached the selected temperature.
The BabyWarmer also has a soft baby nest that can be adjusted to create a snug sleeping place to make the baby feel safe and secure. In addition to the new gel mattress, water and foam mattresses are also available. The BabyWarmer is suitable for babies from 1000g through to full term.
Using the Kanmed BabyBed in conjunction with the Kanmed BabyWarmer creates the Kanmed Baby Warming System. The system is a cost effective solution for hospitals and enables more babies to be cared for, as they can be moved from a traditional incubator much quicker.
Kanmed BabyBeds are the modern way to care for new and premature babies in medium to low intensive care situations. The BabyBed has unique push down side walls, is easy to use and easy to clean. The Kanmed system has a less clinical look than a traditional incubator, which reduces parents’ anxieties and allows parents to have physical contact with the baby. This early skin to skin contact is important in parent baby bonding.
For more information on the Kanmed BabyBed, along with the new heated gel mattress option,
contact Tracey Pavier-Grant, Sales Director at Central Medical Supplies on 01538 392 596,
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