By: 11 December 2019
Tommy’s launches its PregnancyHub to support families throughout their pregnancy journey

This month, Tommy’s, a UK charity funding research into pregnancy and the prevention of baby loss, is launching the Tommy’s PregnancyHub to support women and their families with expert, evidence-based pregnancy information.

The aim of Tommy’s PregnancyHub is to make pregnancy safer by empowering women and their families to make informed decisions and choices to give them the best possible opportunity of having a happy and healthy pregnancy.

The Tommy’s PregnancyHub works with Tommy’s five research centres and its specialist clinics dedicated to preventing and treating pregnancy complications and loss, to access to the latest research and clinical evidence, helping to improve pregnancy outcomes for women across the UK.

Jane Brewin, Chief Executive at Tommy’s said: “Tommy’s goal is to reduce pregnancy loss and improve the safety of the mother and their baby during pregnancy, to make the UK the safest place in the world to give birth. To do this, we need to ensure women and their families can access clear, evidence-based pregnancy health information which reflects the latest research, clinical guidance and treatments. Tommy’s website reaches around two million people every month, so our PregnancyHub will bring Tommy’s pregnancy expertise to the widest possible audience. What’s more, it will combine health information, multimedia content, digital tools and midwife-led support, accessible at families’ fingertips.”

The one-stop for families throughout their pregnancy journey

Tommy’s PregnancyHub is a go-to, online hub of evidence-based pregnancy information, multimedia content and digital tools for women and their families, providing support before, during and after pregnancy. Tommy’s and its in-house team of midwives knows that the road to birth isn’t always easy. From women trying to conceive, to first-time mums, soon-to-be parents, parents of premature babies or those who have experienced baby loss, Tommy’s PregnancyHub is here for everyone.

Kate Marsh, Midwifery Manager at Tommy’s said: “So, you’ve just found out that you are pregnant… congratulations! Cue a whole range of emotions. Facing the list of pregnancy dos and don’ts that fill your Google searches can feel daunting, but don’t worry, the Tommy’s PregnancyHub is here to help. As midwives and health visitors, we want to help break down barriers to accessing help and support. It is important to have open and honest conversations about the transition to parenthood, and how we can best support families.”

Sarah Siguine, Head of Pregnancy Information at Tommy’s said: “We’re so excited about bringing together all of Tommy’s services into one online hub. Time and time again, parents tell us how valuable they find our information. We’re committed to reaching every pregnant woman with our information by bringing our services to new audiences through new technologies.”

The Tommy’s PregnancyHub brings together all the services that Tommy’s offers, including its comprehensive website content (, covering everything you need to know about having a safe and healthy pregnancy, from conception to birth. Our midwife-led service includes:

  • a Facebook page
  • a Parenting After Loss support group
  • a newly-launched Instagram channel (@tommys_pregnancyhub)
  • an app for parents of premature babies (My Premature Baby)
  • a range of digital tools from planning for pregnancy to mental health and wellbeing
  • a telephone and email support service.

The PregnancyHub is led by a team of Tommy’s Midwives and is guided by our National Pregnancy Information Service Advisory Board.