By: 27 April 2020
AXipasteuriser human milk pasteuriser available from CMS

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The AXipasteuriser human milk pasteuriser is available from Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS), a specialist supplier of neonatal and maternity products

CMS has a wealth of expertise in the specialist feeding products market and worked with Hearts Milk Bank on the AXipasteuriser. Hearts Milk Bank offers equity of access to assured supplies of screened donor human milk to hospitals and community-based clinicians.

The AXipasteuriser uses AXifeed bottles to pasteurise human milk via a water bath system. The AXifeed storage bottles are also available from CMS. The fully automated AXipasteuriser holds up to 72 AXifeed bottles of any size. The bottles are submerged in water during the heating cycle. The cycle can be started and monitored via a portable tablet and data can be downloaded onto a USB stick. The heating cycle takes approximately one hour, depending on the incoming water temperature, and there is an audible and visual alarm once the correct temperature has been reached. Pasteurisation is controlled using a probe in a control bottle.

Hearts Milk Bank has been using the AXipasteuriser. A spokesperson from the Hearts Milk Bank team says: “As an organisation, we are dedicated to using innovation to improve the efficiency, safety and end result of donor milk preparation. The development of the AXipasteuriser offers the potential to enhance our provision of donor milk to hospitals and families even further.”

For more information on the AXipasteuriser human milk pasteuriser, contact Tracey Pavier-Grant, Medical Sales Director at Central Medical Supplies, on 01538 392 596 or via, or visit