By: 8 November 2022
East Surrey Hospital purchases ivNow® Fluid Warmers from Central Medical Supplies

East Surrey Hospital, in Redhill, has purchased Enthermics ivNow® fluid warmers from Central Medical Supplies, which is the UK distributor of Enthermics warming products. The hospital now has an ivNow® fluid warmer in each of its anaesthetic rooms.

Enthermics ivNow® modular fluid warmers warm fluids when and where they are needed. Convenient and easy to use, ivNow® fluid warmers quickly heat and maintain safe temperatures of intravenous and irrigation fluids, saving both space and staff time. ivNow® fluid warmers record each bag’s warming time, to increase safety, comply with regulations and reduce waste. The system monitors how long a bag has been warming for and will alarm if the fourteen-day time limit is reached. Using ivNow®, a one litre bag of fluid can be warmed in approximately twenty-five minutes, while a three-litre bag can be warmed in around forty-five minutes.

Martin Shaw, Matron Theatres, at East Surrey Hospital, says: “The ivNow® fluid warmers are an absolute hit at the hospital, especially with the ODPs, as they have beautifully warmed fluid right there when they need it. We’ve affectionally named ivNow® the ‘panini’ warmers, due to the shape. We have some units in our emergency theatres that have literally been ‘on’ continuously and proved completely reliable. Using the ‘panini’ warmers means we don’t have so many of those massive cabinets and we don’t have to run through warming circuits and other hardware, which can go missing from the dip stand. The ‘panini’ warmers are screwed to the wall and are therefore always where you left them. I think the warmers are great and they’ve proved really popular with my colleagues.”

Products in the ivNow® range include ivNow-1, ivNow-2 and ivNow-3, which have capacity for one, two and three bags of fluid respectively. Individual units can be combined in any configuration and, as the units are modular, they can be added to or removed as required rather than being a fixed unit.

ivNow® can be mounted on pedestal stands, heavy duty mobile equipment pole stands and mast arms or anaesthesia trolleys. They can also be hung on walls using the back plate provided and additional mounting brackets. ivNow® can also accommodate a three-litre bag of fluid without the need for a tilt kit.


For more information on the Enthermics ivNow® fluid warmers, contact Tracey Pavier-Grant, Sales & Marketing Director at Central Medical Supplies, on 01538 392 596 or email Further details are also available by visiting the CMS website at