By: 15 February 2023
New 4-in-1 neonatal radiant warmer available from Central Medical Supplies

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Central Medical Supplies (CMS) is the exclusive UK distributor of the new Comen BQ80 infant radiant warmer, a 4-1in-1 resuscitation unit for neonates.  CMS, a specialist supplier of neonatal products, is now taking bookings from hospitals for a free trial of the Comen BQ80. 

A 4-in1 warmer, the Comen BQ80 is not only a radiant warmer but also a resuscitation, monitoring and phototherapy device.  As efficiency is particularly critical during neonatal resuscitation, Comen’s BQ80 radiant warmer has options to integrate four core functions into one platform, to help healthcare teams easily respond to urgent medical needs.   

Used to regulate the body temperature of newborns, the Comen BQ80 comes with a far infrared (FIR) ceramic heating tube, which provides higher radiation efficiency, to maintain normal skin temperature along with more stable performance.  There is a heat-conducting silicone gel mattress, which is soft, comfortable and easy to clean, and a built-in T-piece resuscitator.   

The Comen BQ80 has an inbuilt monitoring option, which eliminates the need for an additional patient monitor.  The monitoring option can capture the vital signs and waveforms of newborns in real time during resuscitation.  This enables medical teams to evaluate and decide if the resuscitation measures are effective. The 360° visible alarm can be detected from every angle, while the alarm sound can be eliminated by waving a hand in front of the sensor without the need to touch the machine.   

Other features of the Comen BQ80 warmer include a patented tilt angle display function, electric bed lifting, an integrated electronic scale and a user-friendly damping door, which reduces noise for the neonate.  The Comen BQ80 has a built-in X-ray film box so there is no need to move the neonate when an X-ray is taken.  This avoids adverse stimulation and reduces the risk of infection.  In addition, there is a rotary lamp so neonates can still be continuously heated during X-rays.  


To request a free trial of the Comen BQ80 neonatal radiant warmer, or to find out more about the product, contact Tracey Pavier-Grant, Sales & Marketing Director at Central Medical  Supplies, on 01538 392 596 or email  Further product details can also be found at