By: 8 July 2024
Neonatal positioning pillows available from CMS

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Bed Buddy and Wonder Star neonatal positioning pillows, produced by Small Beginnings, are available from Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS).  A specialist supplier of developmental care products, CMS is the exclusive distributor of Small Beginnings products in the UK. The company produces a wide range of products used in neonatal intensive care units.

Small Beginnings was set up by a neonatal nurse, with the ethos of better for the baby, better for the nurse. The old practice of nurses needing to roll up towels or blankets, to create a positioner, has been eliminated with Small Beginnings’ positioning pillows.  Using the positioners takes less time for nursing staff and still gives babies the developmental support they need. Being reusable, the positioners also assist with sustainability goals, as there is less need for laundry services for used towels and blankets.

The Bed Buddy positioner is designed to surround the infant and help them feel like they did in the womb. Bed Buddy is filled with soft rebounding beads, to simulate a womb-like environment and enable the pillow’s position to be changed without removing it from the bed.  Bed Buddy is available in two styles, one of which is a long tube shape.  The other style, called the Diana Bed Buddy, is designed to keep an infant’s legs tucked.

The Diana version of the Bed Buddy was named after where it was created, the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby. While representatives from Central Medical Supplies and Small Beginnings were visiting the hospital, they saw that nurses were piling up blankets to keep the legs of infants in a tucked position. With the help of these nurses, the Diana Bed Buddy style was developed.

Wonder Star is a multi-purpose pillow that enables flexible positioning and provides extra support where it’s needed. The pillow can help maintain the position of a baby’s head or body, or nestle the infant in a womb-like setting.  One of Wonder Star’s key features is the five arms of the positioner, which provide more ways to support each infant. Like Bed Buddy, Wonder Star is also filled with rebounding beads.

Bed Buddy and Wonder Star are available with washable fleece or knit fabric covers, or disposable covers. Bed Buddy comes in four sizes: Newborn, Preemie, Ultra Preemie and XS Ultra Preemie. Wonder Star is available in Preemie or Ultra Preemie sizes. In addition to positioners, the range includes preemie nappies and pacifiers, which are also available from CMS.

For more information on Bed Buddy, Wonder Star and other products in the Small Beginnings range, contact Tracey Pavier-Grant, Sales & Marketing Director at Central Medical Supplies, on 01538 392 596 or email Alternatively, visit