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Infant Hip Exam Trainer helps identify and diagnose hip dysplasia

A new product is set to help healthcare professionals identify and diagnose a common issue in childbirth which can change lives if left undetected. Developmental hip dysplasia – commonly known


Mindsets can influence the course of childbirth

Study by the University of Bonn: If childbirth is understood as a natural process, complications are less likely to occur Pregnant women’s attitudes and mindsets can influence the course of


The Ockenden Report: Defining the responsibilities of the obstetric anaesthetist for non anaesthetists?

James Watts, consultant in anaesthesia and critical care medicine at East Lancashire NHS Trust discusses the Ockenden Report and the role of the obstetric anaesthetist. In 2016, Donna Ockenden, former Clinical


UK first as ‘green gas and air’ to be used for first time at St George’s Hospital

Women in labour and dental patients will be given ‘green gas and air’ at St George’s hospital, reducing pain on the planet as well as during childbirth and tooth extractions.


164% more over-40s give birth than their mums’ generation, but fertility checks are vital

The latest ONS population report has revealed that, compared to their mum’s generation, 164% more women over 40 and 500% more over-45s are having children. While prospects have improved, planning


Severe infections during pregnancy associated with complications around childbirth

Individuals who are hospitalised during pregnancy due to sepsis have higher odds of complications surrounding childbirth, according to a study led by researchers at UC San Francisco. The study found


The first roadmap for ovarian ageing

Due to the modern tendency to postpone childbirth until later in life, a growing number of women are experiencing issues with infertility. Infertility likely stems from age-related decline of the


Research uncovers the effects of traumatic childbirth on midwives and obstetricians

Research uncovers the effects of traumatic childbirth on midwives and obstetricians When complications arise in the delivery room that lead to traumatic childbirth, clinicians providing care may feel upset and