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Pregnant women with covid-19 are less likely to have symptoms, may more likely need intensive care, and give birth early

Being older, overweight, and having other medical conditions increase their risk of having more serious disease Pregnant women seen in hospitals with covid-19 are less likely to show symptoms, and


Is COVID-19 transmitted through breast milk? Study suggests not likely

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread around the world, so do the concerns of breastfeeding mothers. Although there have been no documented cases to date of an infant contracting


Pregnant Black and Hispanic women five times more likely to be exposed to coronavirus

Black and Hispanic pregnant women in Philadelphia are five times as likely as white and Asian women to have been exposed to the novel coronavirus, according to a new study


Treat smarter with Sonata

Promotional feature The ever-present COVID-19 pandemic has put a huge strain on hospital services in the UK and around the world. As the number of coronavirus cases rose, and hospitals


NMC sets out plans to move towards a ‘new normal’

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has proposed a series of changes to help support nursing and midwifery students and professionals as the UK cautiously transitions to a new phase


Rapid coronavirus test speeds up access to urgent care and will free up beds ahead of winter

The first analysis of a new point-of-care “nucleic acid test” for SARS-CoV-2 in a UK hospital setting shows these machines dramatically reduce time spent on COVID-19 ‘holding’ wards – allowing


Sands launches new support package for NHS workers during COVID19

A UK baby loss charity has launched a campaign to help hard-pressed NHS workers provide the best possible care to families affected by baby loss during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Sands (stillbirth and neonatal death charity) has launched Finding the words: supporting the


BAME women account for over half of pregnant women in UK hospitals with covid-19

More than half of pregnant women recently admitted to a UK hospital with covid-19 infection were from black or other ethnic minority groups, finds a national surveillance study published by


COVID-19 can be transmitted in the womb

A baby girl in Texas, born prematurely to a mother with COVID-19, is the strongest evidence to date that intrauterine (in the womb) transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus


Philips launches obstetrics monitoring solution to support clinicians and expectant mothers during Covid-19 pandemic

Royal Philips has made an addition to its remote patient monitoring suite supporting at-risk populations during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The new wireless Avalon CL Fetal and Maternal Pod and