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No link between covid-19 vaccination in pregnancy and higher risk of preterm birth or stillbirth

Findings can help guide decision making about covid-19 vaccination during pregnancy Vaccination against covid-19 during pregnancy is not associated with a higher risk of preterm birth, small for gestational age


Inhaled nitric oxide reduces hospital stay and improves oxygenation in pregnant patients with Covid-19 pneumonia

High dose inhaled nitric oxide gas (iNO) is a safe and effective respiratory therapy for pregnant women hospitalised with severe Covid-19 pneumonia, resulting in a more rapid weaning from supplemental


Nurses and midwives forever altered by Covid-19 pandemic

Nurses and midwives feel ‘forever altered’ by the impact of Covid-19 and remain deeply affected by what they experienced, new research from the University of Surrey reports. None felt they


New study shows significant impacts of severe Covid-19 infection on pregnancy outcomes

A new analysis from Oxford Population Health has found that pregnant women that are 30 years old or more, overweight, of mixed ethnicity or have gestational diabetes have a greater


Almost all pregnant women admitted to intensive care with Covid-19 are unvaccinated, new study shows

Researchers urge all governments to prioritise pregnant women as an at-risk group for Covid-19 vaccination A new analysis led by the National Perinatal Unit (NPEU) at Oxford Population Health and published


Widespread effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on maternal and newborn care in Europe

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to deficiencies and large inequalities in the care of mothers and newborns in Europe. This is shown by a study in which researchers from the


Babies born during pandemic’s first year score slightly lower on a developmental screening test

Columbia researchers found that babies born during the pandemic’s first year scored lower on a developmental screening test of social and motor skills at 6 months, regardless of whether their


No sign of COVID-19 vaccine in breast milk

Messenger RNA vaccines against COVID-19 were not detected in human milk, according to a small study by UC San Francisco, providing early evidence that the vaccine mRNA is not transferred


COVID’s impact on pregnancy, birth trends

A different type of surge may be on the way more than a year into the pandemic – a baby surge. The COVID-19 shutdown initially seemed to hit pause on


International Day of the Midwife: Bringing lives into the world during a pandemic

Life as a midwife has looked rather different since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, but the job at hand has remained the same during this time